Master Works is Seattle's premier mastering facility, owned and operated by Barry Corliss since 1997. Barry has more than 40 years experience in the music industry, including many years as a working musician. His passion for music eventually led him to focus on mastering as his true forte in the music world.

At Master Works, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality masters for musicians, bands, producers, and record labels. The accent is definitely on the music here. How it sounds, how listenable it is.

Realizing the vision of the music's creators and producers is our goal.

As we address the many minute details of a project we never lose sight of this artistic vision. All sound processing is done with the highest quality analog and digital hardware. No plug ins are used at all. There is no template or preset for mastering!

Mastering is a blend of technical and artistic values. Our work makes your project sound like a finished commercial release. That added polish, dynamics, clarity and impact gives the listener that extra "something" that makes them want to listen again and again.

We are always available to answer any questions, feel free to call or write.