"It is always both refreshing and illuminating to listen to my records with, and through, Barry's ears. He always hears something extra that I never noticed before, and helps bring out the best elements in the sound spectrum that suit the given material at hand. I have made many, many records. Some of which have been mastered by the few "top names" of the mastering world. Barry's work always stands up side by side with these records every time I listen." - Trey Gunn, Musician (King Crimson, Trey Gunn Band)

"Barry Corliss has the mind of a scientist and the heart of a musician and this rare combination allows him to transform a series of recordings into a smooth and balanced final product. We are extremely happy with his mastering of our bossa nova project, and especially pleased with how he enriched the sound of the vocals---thanks Barry!" - Marty Jourard, Musician (The Motels, Novabossa)

"I have just finished my second project with Barry Corliss at Master Works. Without a doubt he provides the best mastering services of anyone that I've worked with in the Northwest. The gear is first rate, but more importantly Barry has a judicious set of ears. He is very concerned about both highlighting and preserving the best qualities of one's master recording. I will return." - Chris Eckman, Musician/Producer (The Walkabouts, Chris And Carla)

"Barry Rocks! He's a Mastering Maestro!" - BC Smith, Composer ("Smoke Signals", "Mod Squad")

"Barry Corliss is the only mastering engineer in the Northwest that I trust with my projects. As a producer, I bring Barry everything from intimate folk albums to bone crushing metal, and I am constantly amazed at his ability to understand and serve the musical vision of these projects as well as the technical details." - R. Chris Murphy, Producer/Mixer (King Crimson, Irakere, Los Gauchos)

"My jaw was on the floor when I heard the difference between before and after. If you think you have a good mix, give it to Barry for a really slammin' sound." - Lou Giordano, Producer (Goo Goo Dolls, Live, Jewel)

"When you're ready to go first class... call Master Works... they deliver!" - Larry Mizell, Producer/Writer, Los Angeles