All mix evaluations, seminars and workshops are conducted by Barry Corliss, owner of Master Works. Barry has over 40 years of experience in music production, and has mastered over 2,000 albums at Master Works.

What do Macklemore, Blue Scholars, Jake One, Vitamin D, The Physics, Choklate, and hundreds more hip hop artists have in common? They all mastered their albums with Barry at Master Works!

What do Brandi Carlisle, Laura Veirs, Carrie Akre, Mirah, Del Rey, and many more singer-songwriters have in common? You guessed it - mastered with Barry...

And not to forget Modest Mouse, Trey Gunn, Left Hand Smoke, Love As Laughter, Zeke, and hundreds more bands...

You can learn from Barry's experience in these seminars and workshops. Costs are $50 per session, and run approximately 1 - 3 hours, with usually no more than 4 people. Individual evaluations and sessions are also available. Contact for info and scheduling.


MIX EVALUATIONS - bring your own mixes and hear them in the studio. Barry will critique your work and offer detailed feedback and advice to make your music sound the best it can. You are guaranteed to learn a lot about what you are doing right, as well as not-so-right. Hear how your mix can sound after mastering.

MASTERING FUNDAMENTALS - learn about the basics of mastering: equalization, compression, limiting, gain staging, levels and loudness, meters and the spectrum analyzer, de-essing, editing, critical listening. Learn what can be done in mastering, and what can be better accomplished in mixing. Frank Zappa said "We'll fix it in the shrink wrap!", but we like to get it right before that...

ADVANCED MASTERING TECHNIQUES - Specific approaches to real world mastering problems and decisions. The decisions a mastering engineer makes far outweigh the gear being used. How to hear what a mix should be sounding like, what the producers want, and what needs to be done to "get there" become the crux of the mastering process. The tools may vary, but the ears and skills of the mastering engineer are always the heart of the process.

SECRETS OF HIP HOP - What makes a great beat - what works for you, and what works against you. Using the enormous frequency range of hop hop effectively. Arrangement techniques for balanced and powerful tracks. Understanding and working around home studio acoustic issues - especially with the bass and low end.